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Organic Growth Package

Our Organic Growth Package creates social media presence of your business or brand such that the brand and customers are given the opportunity to learn about one another simultaneously as they interact on social media platforms. This package will help you to grow your social audience organically and generate conversions and revenues.

Organic Growth Package

Here we will ensure that your website ranking in google & Bing remains top. This will help to create visitors traffic to your e-commerce webstore or market place like amazon

Website Audit for Quantum Leap

Keyword Analysis and Integration

Search Engine Optimization (up to 10 keywords)

  • On page Optimization
  • Off page Optimization


Social Media Optimization

  • Professional Pages creation (2 chosen platforms)
  • Creative Postings (3 in a week)
  • Customer Engagements (like & Share)

Monthly Performance Report

Choose this package If you

  • Want to build your brand
  • Reduce your expenditure in paid advertisement
  • Want your products or company to show in search engines
  • Plan long term sustained effect of brand awareness


Note: Minimum Contract required 12 months. For best results 24 month is recommended.


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